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by Greenwood

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Post Office Building Centennial 1915-2015
Booklet of 12

Limited edition stamps with the Greenwood/Founders Day icons, Prospect or Pete & Nugget Nancy (with letters in hand), as they approach the Greenwood Post Office Building.

TEXT on booklet cover/stamps:

(small text) British Columbia Incorporated 1897
Post Office Building Centennial 1915-2015

The stamps will NOT be available individually - just in booklets of 12

This offer is only available till Nov 29th when I will place the final order.

Great gift idea for stamp collectors, collectors in general and fans of Greenwood.


Each stamp is valued at the current domestic rate and can be used to mail a standard-size envelope weighing up to 30 grams anywhere in Canada.

Additional Information
Type: Booklet of 12 stamps
Orientation: Portrait
Paper: Coated one side
Postage Rate: For mailing within Canada*

*Please refer to the Canada Post website for everything you need to know about sending mail within Canada, to the U.S.A. and internationally.

Includes 12 self-adhesive stamps, plus a front cover.

NOTE: PERMANENT Domestic means the stamp will always holds it's value for domestic use within Canada up to 30 grams. If the cost of stamps goes up in the future - these stamps will still be valid!


Thanks for supporting this project

- Kim Kinakin

PLEASE NOTE - The visuals of the stamp provided on this site show original artwork detail. As these will be printed less than 1" in size - some of the details and text may not be visible on the final printed stamps - though all artwork should be a visible on the cover of the booklet itself.